Bev + BethMinneapolis

Bev + Beth
First off, happy Pride weekend everyone! The Twin Cities are bustling with people and a whole lot of love right now¬†ūüĆą¬†and it just so happens that we get to deliver this fun, spring session to Bev + Beth today! We had an absolute blast exploring around Minneapolis with these two. They really wanted to try and time their engagement session with the crabapple blooms ov[...]

Megan + MattDuluth

Megan + Matt
There are places in Minnesota that can make you feel like you are no longer in the Midwest, Duluth happens to be one of them. Exploring the North Shore with Megan + Matt was incredible. We retraced some of the big mile-markers in their relationship,  including the beach where they got engaged. Thank you so much for taking us on this adventure, and letting us take a [...]

Casey + ChrisPAIKKA

Casey + Chris
Wow! This wedding was soooo much fun to photograph! Casey + Chris are two extremely sweet people with some serious love surrounding them. Their wedding at PAIKKA was very unique and the details were just stunning! With a food truck and a relaxed dinner atmosphere, they absolutely nailed the laid back vibe they were aiming for. Casey + Chris, thank you SO much for ha[...]

Emily + SeanLutsen, MN

Emily + Sean
What an amazing way to officially kick off our season! Emily and Sean are two of the most welcoming people we know. We got to spend a fun filled day with them up north and stayed at Emily's family cabin in Lutsen. We could not believe all of the goodness that was just steps from the door! You may or may not just find us trying to get ourselves invited to family gath[...]

Sinead + JasonIreland

Sinead + Jason
Ireland is amazing! Not only is the countryside stunning, the people are some of the kindest and most fun-loving you will ever meet.  Sinead and Jason took the day off to adventure with us in Howth, on what we were told was one of the coldest and windiest days of their winter. We had a ton of fun exploring the rocky seaside neighborhood and warmed up with a pot of I[...]

Jackie + JimmySaint Paul Athletic Club

Jackie + Jimmy
Going back into the archives today to share Jackie + Jimmy's Saint Paul Athletic Club wedding that we shot last fall. These guys are so so sweet, and we had an absolute blast working with them over the past couple years. We will always remember their sunrise session in Duluth, and how incredibly beautiful it was that day. Speaking of beautiful, this wedding was just[...]

Lucie + AdamAster Cafe

Lucie + Adam
Any Minnesotans out there who remember that one REALLY warm weekend in February? Well, that was when Lucie + Adam tied the knot. While we were planning our shooting route, we were considering the expected temperatures of 5-10 degrees and had a lot of indoor options picked out. Who would have known that we could be outside the whole time and loving it! Lucie + Adam a[...]

Andrea + AndrewSaint Paul

Andrea + Andrew
Wedding season is almost here, and we could not be more excited for our upcoming weddings! Including these two wonderful people. Andrea and Andrew are getting married at PAIKKA, and we are stoked! If you haven't checked it out yet, do it! They have unique space nestled in the midway industrial area of Saint Paul which is packed with urban charm. There is so much in [...]

Caitlin + CarlMinnesota Boat Club

Caitlin + Carl
This past fall, we had the wonderful opportunity of photographing Caitlin + Carl's Saint Paul wedding. Minnesota Boat Club is nestled on Raspberry Island and looks out on the mighty Mississippi and the unique limestone cliffs that make up this beautiful area. Their ceremony took place beneath the skyline of city they call home, and standing before their family and f[...]

Claire + MelanieSaint Anthony Main

Claire + Melanie
We met with Claire + Melanie for the first time back in 2015 at a little coffee shop in our neighborhood. We were super pumped to find out that they lived just a couple blocks away from us. Being complete nerds for all things Saint Paul, you have to understand how incredibly happy we are that we got to photograph our neighbors on one of the most special days of thei[...]

Ellie + RyanAfton State Park

Ellie + Ryan
All of this gorgeous warm weather has us remembering what it's like getting to hike around with great people while exploring some of the beauty our state has to offer. While this particular sunrise engagement session was not all that warm to start (thanks for being such troopers, Ellie + Ryan), it did warm up into a beautiful day. These two have some amazing energy [...]

Kate + KarlOur Backyard Wedding!

Kate + Karl
When we started this business four years ago, we hoped that someday we would end up on the other side of the lens together. Our wedding day was captured by Tandem Tree's very own Maggie and Spencer Witter. The day was perfect. It pretty much rained for three days straight, but we got to see all of the most amazing people in our lives as they braved the elements, set u[...]